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lighting the way to success​

Imagine a tactical staffing organization that takes as much time and care to select their front-line hospitality team members as you would to attract and asses candidates for your own leadership positions.

Imagine that company then goes beyond that to provide each employee with 3 full days of initial training at no cost to you to help create great-fit, shining stars for your property. And continues to invest in their personal development to make them feel valued and fulfilled, reducing turnover.

Imagine a company that becomes a trusted partner in virtually every touchpoint your guests have with your property’s operations, elevating the overall experience and increasing their satisfaction.

You’ve just imagined LuminaHR, a very real company that’s lighting the way to success in hospitality industry staffing solutions.

our values


People like to work with people who love what they do. For us, every Lumina HR partnership is a showcase for our endless passion and high standards of excellence. We get it done right and


We respect all people, their perspectives and their dreams, regardless of role, race, faith, gender,
sexual orientation, age or physical differences. Great insights and contributions come from everyone!


Our success, and the success of the properties that look to Lumina HR for staffing solutions, is built on strong relationships fueled by understanding our clients’ needs and goals.


Our reputation continues to build by delivering on our promises to both our clients and to each other.
By always doing what’s right, we attract and retain quality employees, partners and customers who also value integrity.


From experience with some of the best brands in the industry, Lumina HR provides an efficient process for maintaining staff quality with individuals who are responsible, reliable and properly trained, resulting in total reassurance for our customers.


We earn trust in many ways: with words and actions that show we’re listening, a prompt response to a request, or in a simple, unexpected act of kindness. When we genuinely engage in the needs of others, we inspire confidence and create trust.

our team

camilo torres

Camilo Torres

Director of Operations

cindy torres

Cindy Perez

HR Director

Rene Vaca



Jennifer Caro

Administrative assistant


Rocio Tipan

Talent Acquisition Director


Anderson Lugo

Director of Finance


Lourdes Quiroga

Field representative

Alana Belen

Field representative

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